Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Unexplored Generation

I was reading through my copy of "The Genealogy or History of the Hale family" and noticed that I have never hunted down the families of several of Hiram's siblings.  In fact, I haven't even submitted them to familysearch--it was missing three of them.  Henry, Anna, and Nancy.  And the ones that ARE on there don't have the children or family info.  But, I need to find some better sources.  For example, Nancy, who I thought was a slam dunk since she shows up in Hiram's household as Nancy Hale, age 26, (of course I need to double check if this is an inlaw or something, but I don't think so) would mean her birthday was around 1844.  Oops.  Sarah, the mother, in this history, dies in 1842.  So what does that mean?  The death date is wrong?  The census is wrong?  Nancy is only a half-sister?  Just an example of the lack of info. 

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