Thursday, August 4, 2011

Riley appears

Here is the 1850 Knox County Illinois census where "Riley Hale" appears with the Shoemaker family.  Although there is a Mary daughter in that family, she is only 7 years old.  I searched for Mary Shoemaker in Knox county for the same census and came up with another one, 16 years old.  This one seems more likely!  Here is that image of her family.  So, this Mary A. would also become a Mary A. Hale, just like my Mary Ann Poole Hale.  It looks like mine is older, though, being born around 1828.  Riley's Mary A. is born around 1834.
The 1860 Census won't show me the image or household on familysearch, although I found Julia Hale (most likely Riley's daughter) in Chestnut, Knox, Illinois, age 7.
Looks like (still) I need to spend some time at Ancestry.

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