Thursday, July 21, 2011

History of Iowa

I need to find out more about Davis and wapello county history and also Floris town, since that is where Hermina claims Sarah was born, and I think it doubtful since her family was not yet living in that county (also it doesn't even show up on the 1854 map.)
I found a link about the settling of Iowa and it gave some clues as to how Sarah and Herman might have met.  Apparently there was a big wave of Holland immigration to Marion county, Iowa, almost kitty corner to Wapello county, in 1847 and onwards.
In this book about the History of Davis County, it mentions that Floris is the railway stop in Lick Creek township, on pg. 478.  Pg. 592 says that Floris was established as a Post Office in Lick Creek Twp in 1844, the settlers moved in after the Indians left in 1843.  Floris is south of Soap creek.  Is Soap Creek in Lick Creek Twp?  I'm confused.  There were also only two roads in the township back in the day (meaning the 1840s), the "bee trace" and the "Mormon trace".  It says where the bee trace ran, but not the Mormon trace.
Pg. 600 says that Floris is also one of two post offices serving Salt Creek twp.  The first religious meeting in Salt Creek was by a Methodist minister.
Pg. 709 has a D. Hale who married a man named John Swaim in 1843.  Wonder who she is?
I really need to get Hiram placed on some plat maps to clear up township vs. post office and when.

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