Monday, June 20, 2011

Off and running on Sarah's narrative

I've been working on Sarah's narrative on Google Docs and was surprised to notice my severe lack of evidence about her birthplace.  So, I hunted down some land records to check to verify where the family was living.  Hopefully this will coincide with her death certificate, but if it doesn't I'll need to make a note of that.
Also need to find out more about the "Hale School" that one gal emailed me about a while ago.  I don't think I ever heard more about it.  Should also look into any historical societies in Wapello and Davis to see what I can dig up on schools, homesteads, organizations, etc.
Also found a nice Iowa map from 1854 that has Green on it, south of Ottumwa, possibly on the railroad track so I should get a more detailed rail map of this area.  Definitely need to do some locational/historical research of the area.

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