Thursday, June 9, 2011

fun with DAR

I poked around today on the DAR GRS (genealogical research system) to see if I could find out if Sarah had ever been a card-carrying member.  I bookmarked the page and had fun trying to look up my Rev. War ancestors.  William Barton was the only one who popped up--lots of good info to add to his descendancy project, but on a search of descendants, no Hiram Hale or Sarah Van de Riet.  Oh, Seth Drake popped up, too.  The site said, however, that the descendants list is very incomplete--they are working on it and keep trying back.  I kind of doubt I'll find her, though, because James Hale was not one of the patriots listed, and I don't think she knew much about the Barton side.
I need to start writing a preliminary narrative to know where I need to fill in.  I tried to find some probate records on Herman and Sarah at the FHL, might be able to get Herman's but Sarah's time frame is not available.  Time to enter the real world I guess.

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