Thursday, June 30, 2011

Forever 29?

So, I am indebt to cousin Sheila Van De Riet for sending me some photos of Sarah and Herman's gravestones.  As you can see, they didn't even spell the last name consistently, kind of funny.

Another thing I've noticed in the cold hard stone is that Sarah's birth year is actually 1857.  On the family group sheet I've always used and also on the death certificate I just received, Sarah's birth year is 1859.  I think maybe both of these sources came from Hermina, and she had it wrong by two years!  I had always just thought the 1860 Census taker was a little off when he said "Almira" was 2, but now that I think about it (and have checked all the other censuses) he was right all along.  I even had to take the eraser to my big wall chart!
I also quizzed Dr. Briganti today when he came over to pick up his daughters.  He said that nowadays you would diagnose Myocarditis with a biopsy and not sure how they would have diagnosed it for sure back then.  When I asked him what symptoms she would have noticed that might have brought her to the doctor and hospital in the first place, he said that it usually would not have been accompanied by chest pains like a heart attack, but definitely shortness of breath and a general worn-out feeling.  Sarah also (now I can't remember if this part was referring to the toxic adenoma thyroid)may have had some water retention going on in the legs.

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