Friday, June 24, 2011

Choosing the format

I went onto BCG's website today and looked at their three examples of how to submit the "kinship determination project".  I'm choosing to do the "narrative lineage" style because the other two seem to be way too comprehensive.  I'd rather focus on only one individual/couple per generation.

I've also been working on Sarah's narrative and saving it on Google Docs. 
Received a copy of Sarah's death certificate yesterday.  They were pretty fast.  Also heard back from Cascade county that they have Herman's probate file but not Sarah's.  Hers must be in Gallatin county since she had been living with min in Belgrade.
Some notes from the death certificate:
Her name is spelled Sarah Elmyra VanDeRiet.
  Her residence was Belgrade, near Min or with Min I'm not sure.
She died at the Deaconess Hospital in Bozeman.  I only knew of the Deaconess in GF.
Aunt Min is the informant, and she says Sarah's birthplace is Floris (misspelled Flororis) Iowa.
The undertaker was Dokken Funeral Home in Bozeman--sounds Dutch, as does the attending doctor, B.J. Heetderks.
Main cause of death was Myocarditis, Chronic, which is an inflammation of the heart without the blocked arteries and resembles a heart attack.  Who knows how accurate this diagnosis is since she was not autopsied.  The interesting part is that the doctor had date of onset as 1915, so it was something she had been struggling with for a long time.
Her contributory cause of death was "Toxic adenoma thyroid", onset in 1934.  Looking into this, she probably had some kind of goiter--big swollen neck.  I should talk to Dr. Briganti about this.

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