Thursday, June 30, 2011

Forever 29?

So, I am indebt to cousin Sheila Van De Riet for sending me some photos of Sarah and Herman's gravestones.  As you can see, they didn't even spell the last name consistently, kind of funny.

Another thing I've noticed in the cold hard stone is that Sarah's birth year is actually 1857.  On the family group sheet I've always used and also on the death certificate I just received, Sarah's birth year is 1859.  I think maybe both of these sources came from Hermina, and she had it wrong by two years!  I had always just thought the 1860 Census taker was a little off when he said "Almira" was 2, but now that I think about it (and have checked all the other censuses) he was right all along.  I even had to take the eraser to my big wall chart!
I also quizzed Dr. Briganti today when he came over to pick up his daughters.  He said that nowadays you would diagnose Myocarditis with a biopsy and not sure how they would have diagnosed it for sure back then.  When I asked him what symptoms she would have noticed that might have brought her to the doctor and hospital in the first place, he said that it usually would not have been accompanied by chest pains like a heart attack, but definitely shortness of breath and a general worn-out feeling.  Sarah also (now I can't remember if this part was referring to the toxic adenoma thyroid)may have had some water retention going on in the legs.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Choosing the format

I went onto BCG's website today and looked at their three examples of how to submit the "kinship determination project".  I'm choosing to do the "narrative lineage" style because the other two seem to be way too comprehensive.  I'd rather focus on only one individual/couple per generation.

I've also been working on Sarah's narrative and saving it on Google Docs. 
Received a copy of Sarah's death certificate yesterday.  They were pretty fast.  Also heard back from Cascade county that they have Herman's probate file but not Sarah's.  Hers must be in Gallatin county since she had been living with min in Belgrade.
Some notes from the death certificate:
Her name is spelled Sarah Elmyra VanDeRiet.
  Her residence was Belgrade, near Min or with Min I'm not sure.
She died at the Deaconess Hospital in Bozeman.  I only knew of the Deaconess in GF.
Aunt Min is the informant, and she says Sarah's birthplace is Floris (misspelled Flororis) Iowa.
The undertaker was Dokken Funeral Home in Bozeman--sounds Dutch, as does the attending doctor, B.J. Heetderks.
Main cause of death was Myocarditis, Chronic, which is an inflammation of the heart without the blocked arteries and resembles a heart attack.  Who knows how accurate this diagnosis is since she was not autopsied.  The interesting part is that the doctor had date of onset as 1915, so it was something she had been struggling with for a long time.
Her contributory cause of death was "Toxic adenoma thyroid", onset in 1934.  Looking into this, she probably had some kind of goiter--big swollen neck.  I should talk to Dr. Briganti about this.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Off and running on Sarah's narrative

I've been working on Sarah's narrative on Google Docs and was surprised to notice my severe lack of evidence about her birthplace.  So, I hunted down some land records to check to verify where the family was living.  Hopefully this will coincide with her death certificate, but if it doesn't I'll need to make a note of that.
Also need to find out more about the "Hale School" that one gal emailed me about a while ago.  I don't think I ever heard more about it.  Should also look into any historical societies in Wapello and Davis to see what I can dig up on schools, homesteads, organizations, etc.
Also found a nice Iowa map from 1854 that has Green on it, south of Ottumwa, possibly on the railroad track so I should get a more detailed rail map of this area.  Definitely need to do some locational/historical research of the area.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Mailing Out

Today I filled out the forms for Sarah's death certificate from Gallatin County off their website.  Almost did Herman's from the Cascade County website, but it looks like they will only take a cashier's check or money order (for $0.50)  retarded, huh?  So maybe I'll go in there in person at some point and just get it, maybe while i'm checking for probate stuff.  Will get Sarah's mailed off tomorrow.
Wrote to the Cascade County Clerk to ask how to get probate records for both Herman and Sarah.
I tried to find out if the FHL has and the receptionists were pretty funny and clueless, but they think, yes.

I need to just bite the bullet and start writing her narrative so I can find the holes and also move along to my next subject.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Meet the Courthouse, friendlier than supposed.

I went online to both Cascade County and Gallatin County websites today and was pleased to find that it is really easy and cheap to order death certificates online.  Gallatin was even easy to order probate, but I don't think Herman or Sarah will be there...I think Sarah's would be where her residence was?  Not entirely sure.  If not, I bookmarked it.  I also sent an email to the clerk in Cascade County asking about how to order probate records.
I also quickly checked the USGenweb and "Vandereit" came up only twice in the Montana search, for both Herman and sarah's grave in a cemetery index.  It looks like they are both buried in the New Highland Cemetery, Great Falls.  I guess next I need to figure out which one that is, exactly.  I only know of the one in the south east corner of town if I remember correctly, and I'm not sure which one that is...

Thursday, June 9, 2011

fun with DAR

I poked around today on the DAR GRS (genealogical research system) to see if I could find out if Sarah had ever been a card-carrying member.  I bookmarked the page and had fun trying to look up my Rev. War ancestors.  William Barton was the only one who popped up--lots of good info to add to his descendancy project, but on a search of descendants, no Hiram Hale or Sarah Van de Riet.  Oh, Seth Drake popped up, too.  The site said, however, that the descendants list is very incomplete--they are working on it and keep trying back.  I kind of doubt I'll find her, though, because James Hale was not one of the patriots listed, and I don't think she knew much about the Barton side.
I need to start writing a preliminary narrative to know where I need to fill in.  I tried to find some probate records on Herman and Sarah at the FHL, might be able to get Herman's but Sarah's time frame is not available.  Time to enter the real world I guess.