Thursday, May 19, 2011

Collector of the Written Word?

I'm realizing that I'm actually a pretty pathetic genealogist when it comes to collecting actual documents.  I've been so spoiled with the work of others!  Time to start adding to the arsenal.  Let's take a break from Sarah today since Kansas was not very helpful and work on some of her sibs.  The mysterious Fremont DeMonte?  My PAF is not working on this computer, and maybe it is just as well so I can start going through these siblings of Sarah's a little better.  Focusing on the brothers for now since I think the sisters were pretty long lived.

John, William, and Fremont and/or DeMonte.
What docs do I have on any of these?  (Time to learn to digitize with my camera.)

John's Docs (shot but not yet added to computer, still need actual copy of 1870 Census, only have transcript.)

--1856 Iowa State Census, Keokuk, Wapello, p. 455, Household 23, Hiram Hale, photocopy contributed by Mike Thorstad, WA  He writes on back, LDS #1021314, probably film number for the FHL.
John C. is age one, born in Iowa, putting his estimated birthdate as 1855.
--1860 Federal Census, Iowa, Wapello County, Keokuk Twp. p. 767-768.  Household 1258, Photocopy contributed by Mike Thorstad, WA.
John C. is age 5, born in Iowa.
--1870 Federal Census, Iowa, Vol. 9., E.D. 41, Sheet 5, Line 3, Davis County, Soap Creek Twp., Hiram Hale household. Image online at familysearch.
John is age 15, works on farm, born in Iowa.  Had not attended school that year.
--John is no longer listed in his father's household in 1880, which makes sense because he would have been 25, if alive.
--Clarinda J. Hale Lester's obituary, unknown newspaper clipping circa 1921, from scrapbook of Sarah Elmyra Hale Van De Riet, in possession of Brian Haynes, Idaho.
John is not listed as a survivor to his sister Clarinda in June, 1921.
So, we actually know very little about John.  (Where did the Calvin come from, exactly?)  b. around 1855, probably died before 1921.
Searched for John through the Iowa records collection and didn't find anything other than the censuses already mentioned.  There are, however, many John Hales.  Even a few others from Iowa born around 1855, but usually could root them out by parent origin or some other such thing.  May need to go back to this?  But nothing promising.
NEWSFLASH!!  Just looked at the mysterious Aunt or Uncle letter and it claims that Herman met and married sarah in IOWA.  I think I"ve looked there before, but this is much more definite.  So, searching the Iowa Marriage collection on familysearch......Whammo!  I found an entry but not an image, so I need to track down where this came from, especially since no county is given.  Herman is indexed as Herman Vanderiel and Sarah L. Hale.  The date is 16 Sep 1877, as suspected, and the film number is 968463.  Is this a FHL number?  Yes, here is the film.  So, it looks like Davis County, but I still need to see the record, or maybe it is just indexed?  Anyway, exciting.  I need to make a printable list of films to look up at the library, on a word doc.

Marriages, 1844-1953; index, 1844-1911

authors: Davis County (Iowa). Clerk of the District Court, (Main Author)
format: Manuscript/On Film
language: English
publications: Salt Lake City, Utah : Filmed by the Genealogical Society of Utah, 1974, 1993
physical: on 11 microfilm reels, 35 mm.


Microfilm of original records at the Davis County Courthouse, Bloomsfield, Iowa.


Film Notes

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